Partner – Managing Consultant
Damian brings his business experience to Molewood on the back of a proven career of high-end success. He has worked with the world’s largest brands in senior roles, maximizing business effectiveness and fine-tuning company systems for over 20 years.

Damian’s  experience lies at the heart of Molewood Consulting’s core aims and ethos. Having worked in companies as diverse as Guardian Royal Exchange, Wembley Stadium, Coca Cola and Unisys, Damian also has significant experience of start-ups and medium-sized businesses across a range of sectors. He has also been a driving force in mergers, restructures, systems sets ups, acquisitions and takeovers at established and international firms.

Working in industries as diverse as manufacturing, hospitality, FMCG and media, the inspiration Damian  took from working with business leaders, combined with his strong understanding of company structures, led him to establish Molewood. With accrued expertise in marketing, HR, legal, sales, management and the finance channels, Simon has instilled his skills within business planning and strategy to many high profile companies.

His great understanding of the supply chain within organisations has enabled him to design tailored software solutions. Experienced at business plan creation and board presentations, he maximises the potential for commercial negotiations and deal structures. His skill set is integral in driving expansions and restructuring of businesses through organic growth and acquisition

Damian’s skills are applicable to any company that wants to achieve stable plans for creating and generating value. With specialist experience of MBO, LBO and executing timely profitable exits in multiple businesses, his knowledge of working in and into multiple sectors have benefitted companies large and small.

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